crafts for wildlife

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What's this about?

We're sewing, knitting, and crocheting for animals impacted by Australia's wildfires, and beyond. Send us your handmade items and we'll get them to wildlife in need!

As of Jan 21, 2020, our partner organization in Australia has enough handmade donations. We are continuing to craft, and will find other high-need wildlife rescues around the world to send these items to! See FAQ below for more details.

Download patterns & instructions below.

Next ship date:


Where are the patterns?
At the bottom of this page.

Where do I send to?
Our shipping address is in each pattern download (on the required donation form).

When should I send?
We recommend mailing your items to us at least 5 days before our next ship date (above).

Shipping instructions?
Always include a completed donation form (on the first page of every pattern download). You can send your items to us via any shipping method. If you're shipping within the US we recommend USPS. If you're shipping within the UK, Royal Mail will be cheapest. Please wash items before shipping.

What materials should I use?
Bird nest: 100% acrylic yarn, non-fuzzy
Joey pouch: 100% wool or 100% cotton (prewashed)
Joey pouch LINER: 100% cotton
Bat wrap: 100% cotton flannel, 100% polyester pillow stuffing

Can I sew items by hand?
No, all sewn items must be machine-sewn.

Should I wash them?
You should wash IF:
- Your fabric or yarn will shrink (prewash before making)
- You have pets
- You're using repurposed/upcycled materials
We recommend washing with 1/2 cup white vinegar per large load of laundry, no scented detergents and no dryer sheets or fabric softener.

I have pets. Can I still make items?
Yes, as long as there is no animal contact and the items are free from pet hair. Please wash before sending.

My kids/students want to help! What can they do?
Enlist their help in measuring & cutting fabric for joey pouches or bat wraps, then have adults do the sewing! For older kids, flat bat wraps (no pillow) are simplest & quickest. Bake sales and similar fundraisers are also great ways to get kids involved.

Can I help pay for postage to Australia?
If you're able to give money, please donate it instead-- to one of the Australian organizations listed on this page!

What if Australia doesn't need any more handmade items?
We're working with wildlife rescues to ensure that we don't overload them with unneeded items. In the event that these items are no longer needed in Australia, we will either store them for a later ship date or donate them to wildlife rescues elsewhere in the world.

Are there any video tutorials?
Yep! Here are some of our favorites:
Bird nest (crochet)
Fabric joey pouch (outer)
Fabric joey pouch (liner)
Bat wrap (double layer)
Hanging joey pouch


100% wool or cotton for joey pouches, 100% cotton flannel for bat wraps, 100% acrylic for bird nests.
All sewn items must be machine-sewn, and everything should be free from pet hair.

As of January 9, only flat bat wraps are needed-- no pillow!