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Seconds Sales

Giving back is an integral part of our business. One weekend each month, we run a fundraiser, where 100% of the profits on the sales of the seconds are donated to that month's nonprofit organization. Since its inception in 2017, we have built a supportive community around this event.

Working together with like-minded small business owners, we collectively generated over $140,000, benefiting a wide range of environmental and human rights organizations. Learn more.


We are also extremely grateful to have been able to collaborate with nonprofits, museums, and conservation organizations, to design products where a portion of the profits is donated back to the causes (including Florida Museum of Natural History, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, The Endangered Wolf Center, and more!).

If you're a nonprofit, museum, or similar organization looking for a unique item designed to help you fundraise for your cause, please get in touch with us here!

Thank you!

Finally, it goes without saying (but we will anyway because it's THAT important!), that without YOU, we wouldn't even be here. Your support makes all of this possible, and we're determined to keep giving back for as long as Shoal continues to operate and grow.

If you're a pin artist who would like to join our seconds sale fundraisers, contact us to get involved!

previous initiative

crafts for wildlife

We organized and collected handmade donations, like nests and bat wraps, to help animals affected by Australia wildfires.