Mask FAQ

Are these medical grade?
NO! These cloth masks are for the general public, and are not intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including COVID-19/Coronavirus. Most government guidelines currently recommend wearing a cloth mask, in combination with social distancing and other safety measures, to help reduce risk. If you need to wear a mask all day, current recommendations suggest switching to a clean mask every few hours. Read more at

How does the "give one/get one" pricing work?
If you'd like to pay it forward, you can choose the $24 pricing tier. We'll send one mask to you and donate the other one! We're coordinating with local Bay Area healthcare workers and homeless shelters to get masks to those who need them most in our community.

What's the advantage of the poly/cotton mask?
We currently offer two mask styles, one with a polyester outer layer + cotton inner layer + elastic straps, and one in 100% cotton + fabric straps. The poly/cotton style does a better job repelling moisture/condensation, so it shouldn't get damp as quickly when you wear it.

What's the advantage of the 100% cotton mask?
It's more environmentally friendly because it's plastic-free! It's also slightly cooler to wear and the strap style is great for hearing aids or cartilage piercings, because the straps don't touch your ears at all. There's no polyester outer layer, so it may get damp more quickly.

Will this fit me?
These masks are one size fits most adults. We've tested them on both large and small adult heads! Because individual anatomy varies so much, we can't guarantee a perfect fit. These are not intended for children, but may fit older teens.

Will my glasses fog up?
We've tested both styles extensively with glasses, and are happy to report lower fog levels than other masks we've tried. No mask has been completely fog-free for us, but both of these have nose wires that help create a better seal and prevent glasses fogging. You can also clean your glasses with anti-fog spray or soap and water to prevent fogging. (If you have special coatings on your lenses, check with your optician first!)

How do I wash this?
Our masks are machine washable (no fabric softener). To dry, we recommend lying them flat or hanging to dry in a sunny area.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to most countries worldwide. Keep in mind that transit times are extended right now due to the pandemic.

How can I learn more about face masks?
We recommend reading the WHO and CDC guidelines for face mask safety and social distancing!