Clown Triggerfish Pin

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RELEASED: November 2017
RETIRED: September 2018

Bold and vibrant, clown triggerfish are a gorgeous tropical fish found in many of the world's oceans. Fun fact: When threatened, the triggerfish can "trigger" its fins into an extended position, to lock itself into the best hiding spot in the coral reef.

  • Designed in collaboration with Wandering Laur
  • One 1.5-inch (38mm) hard enamel pin, made from our original illustration
  • White iridescent glitter fins
  • Shiny gold metal
  • Two rubber pin backs
  • "OH PLESIOSAUR" and "Wandering Laur" stamped on reverse
Clown Triggerfish Pin - Oh Plesiosaur
Clown Triggerfish Pin - Oh Plesiosaur

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